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Friday, April 11, 2008

NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate 1 Now Availabl has announced the availability of the NetBeans IDE 6.1 Release Candidate. Learn more about the 6.1 release or Download it now. The final NetBeans IDE 6.1 release is scheduled for end of April.

So what’s new in 6.1?

Spring Framework support, new MySQL support in NetBeans Database Explorer, huge performance enhancements (its has around 40% faster startup), JSF CRUD generator, enhanced JavaBeans support, new JavaScript features, RESTful Web Service Support, enhanced Ruby/JRuby support and much more. For more info.

My views

First the 40% faster startup is really great because in 6.0 it took a lot of time to startup in my notebook. It was a major issue in NetBeans 6.0 but now it’s fixed thanks to the great NetBeans developers. The memory consumption is also a bit low. That’s also a performance hit.

It also has bundled Spring Framework 2.5 library which makes my work easier. JSF CRUD Generator is also another good addition to the new version.

Code completion has also improved a lot in the newer version.

Tutorials on NetBeans 6.1

At last I have to say is that it’s the best Java IDE I’ve ever used and it rocks now.

So my friends don’t wait, Download and try it now.