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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Our New bording house...

Me and Madusha Aiya rented a house in Baththaramulla as it is easy to go to APIIT from here. This place is only about 25min. from APIIT.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Passed the 'SCJP' exam.....

Finally after 8 months of hardwork and dedication, I got through from the SCJP exam with good results.

= Sun Certified JAVA Programmer.

This is a internationally recognized certification which is awarded by Sun MicroSystems, Inc, USA (the JAVA creators).

I studyed @ the Institute of Java Technological Studies(IJTS) in Thummulla under the guidance of Sir Rajitha.

SCJP certification ensures that I have the necessary skills to efficiently meet the challenges of programming in JAVA.

now I think I had climbed some steps towards my ambition which is to be a highly talented Software Engineer.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Party @ my home..

I threw a little party for my beloved friends @ APIIT on 11th Feb. 2007.
The guests were Madusha, Pubudu, Danushka, Chathura, Yuwanthi & Thashila.
First we played some interesting games in our home and sang songs while Madusha played the guitar .
Then we went to the nearby beach which is about 50m from my house to play cricket.. We had a great time there.
After that we came back to have lunch after a long time being in the beach. At home my mother had prepared a special lunch with about 5 or 6 deserts which everybody enjoyed.

Below are some cõõõõÏ photos......

& Vidëôs.....