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Monday, November 12, 2012

Integrate TestLink with YouTrack

The main idea of this post is to describe on how to integrate YouTrack Issue Tracking System by Jetbrains ( with TestLink v1.9 ( a popular Test Case Management Tool.

By the time of writing this article, the official wiki of YouTrack : was last updated on Mar 30, 2011. The data it contained was invalid for TestLink v1.9.

So here are the steps,
  1. Navigate to Home page of Test Link. (make sure you have the admin rights)
  2. Click on Issue Tracker Management
  3. Then Click on Create
  4. Type a name you desire.
  5. Select 'Youtrack' for the Type
  6. In the Configuration : include the following lines,
    <username>USER NAME</username>
    <uribase>MAIN YOUTRACK LINK</uribase>
  7. For the uribase, an example would be :
    Please make sure Not to include a '/' at last.
  8. Click Save
  9. Now go to Test Project Management and select your Project
  10. In Issue Tracker Integration select the newly created Issue Tracker and make sure to tick on Active.
  11. Now click on Test Execution and navigate to a Test Case that was already executed. 
  12. You will now see a new column as BUG management. 
  13. Click the BUG icon and Link a YouTrack item or Access to YouTrack directly and create a new issue.
  14. After linking, you will see a new column Relevant bugs and you will also see the YouTrack ID as well as the State of that Item.
  15. We are done !