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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Party @ my home..

I threw a little party for my beloved friends @ APIIT on 11th Feb. 2007.
The guests were Madusha, Pubudu, Danushka, Chathura, Yuwanthi & Thashila.
First we played some interesting games in our home and sang songs while Madusha played the guitar .
Then we went to the nearby beach which is about 50m from my house to play cricket.. We had a great time there.
After that we came back to have lunch after a long time being in the beach. At home my mother had prepared a special lunch with about 5 or 6 deserts which everybody enjoyed.

Below are some cõõõõÏ photos......

& Vidëôs.....


Anonymous said...

hi malli... these are really nice but where r the other photos? where Mr. Pubu and Mr. Dhanu r playing? what abt urs??? BE fair!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Jinath!!!!!!!!
All the pics are really nice
u guys must have had grt fun neda???
Wav! Grt!
Keep it up, have fun

Anonymous said...

Bravo, seems magnificent idea to me is